The Cool, Sweet Smell of Snow

by The Stoffs

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Lucas Winkler did me a huge favor in recording, mixing, and mastering all of this stuff for free, but I'd love to have some money to pay him with, so I encourage you to donate a few bucks if you can.

Also, I encourage you to click on the song titles. I've included some description about the writing and recording process as well as lyrics.

God bless!

And Jason Stoff is awesome for letting me use his photo for album art!


released April 10, 2012

Janie Brooke Welge- female vocals
Sam Pellock- drum set
Nick Italiano- organ
Lucas Winkler- all things technical and bass on "A Man My Age" and "Nothing, Something"
Eric Stoff- songwriting, guitars, whatever else



all rights reserved


The Stoffs Indiana

We're The Stoffs.

We make music in Indiana.

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Track Name: A Man My Age / The Moon is Down
A man my age has a lot of things to ponder
But a man my age doesn’t have the time of day
He’s a man with his so-called future wide open
He’s got dreams to chase and profound things to say

There’s heartbreak to feel from the women that you fail to charm
There’s things to stand up for and things to pass by
There’s timing to master, mistakes, and memories to be made
There’s a God out there that you’re dying to find

And a lady my age has a lot of thing to reflect on
Some doors will open, some windows are closing fast
A lady my age has so many reasons to rejoice
But a lady my age doesn’t see them ‘till they have passed

There’s passion to find if you’ve got the time
There’s moments it all makes sense
There’s plenty of people to prove yourself to
There’s the void inside that only family can fill
When independence has run its course
There’s a voice to project
What’s a man my age to do?

We keep trying to put a price tag on experience
By placing it higher than high
But there’s nothing that can’t be learned outside of a book
No matter how hard those pages try

The cool, sweet smell of snow
Track Name: Calm Me Down
Pick up my phone and search for your name
I pray that you’ll be there
I pray that you ease my pain

You answer my call; I hear your digitized voice
I’m already halfway there
My heart, my soul rejoice

Calm me down
Won’t you just try and remind me
Why everything will work itself out
I’ve never needed to know that promise
Like I need to know it now
Won’t you just please try
And calm me down?

Once again I've fallen subject to my nerves
I'm foolish, I'm human
I'm sorry; I never seem to learn

How many moments have I wasted this way?
I won't worry myself sick anymore
I'm letting go today
Track Name: Winter Nights
We fell in love we were both wearing coats
I twirled you outside my car
To say goodnight, I brought you in close
and I still wouldn't dare try to break your heart

Scarves and gloves and zippers zipped tight
We fell in love despite layers of clothes
It was 20 below but even you didn't know
I've seen you cry at brief exposures to cold

For us, winter nights have a different past
One that's etched into the frosted windshield
of our memories
In the cold, clear air I'll fall in love again
My beating heart won't ever freeze
Track Name: If I
If I speak out of love but my actions don’t line up,
will you love me?
If I get out of line and I choose to fall behind,
will you forgive me?
If I lose sight of the light and I stumble every night,
will you keep hopeful?
If in the morning I believe ‘cause the night caused me to grieve,
will you accept me?

‘Cause you know that I’m hopeless
And I don’t deserve forgiveness

If you call out my name and claim things won’t be the same,
will I listen?
If you provide my daily bread and excuse what I have said,
will I notice?
If you turn water into wine and give yourself for all mankind,
will I trust you?
If you’re a stranger at my feet begging pleading, “please,”
will I help you?

‘Cause I know that I’m selfish
Even so you provide all my wellness
Track Name: Selah / Turquoise & White
Turquoise and white
My body took flight
From the smooth ocean floor
I was tossed back and forth
The rhythm was mindless
The strength was relentless

But that peace left me
When I left the sea
Ageless and timeless and true
That salty, cool blue
Track Name: Ugly Side
I know you'll see my ugly side
I know you'll see my faults
I know you will, just give it time
They don't stay hidden for long

September never happened
but that's one more month down.
The leaves have started giving up
& are getting pulled to the ground.

Did they ever stand a chance?
Or was it their life-long dream
to become a temporary decoration
for a simple season's scene?

Did they know it must be done
so they did it with all their hearts
so that future leaves may stand a chance
to be more permanent works of art?
Track Name: Nothing, Something
Nothing more than a thought
Nothing more than a feeling
Nothing left to communicate
No wounds that need healing

Let's not over-think it now
Let's not over-analyze
All that I need to know
Is I'm your reason to rise

Something less than a gesture
Something less than breathing in fresh air
Something right under our noses
Someday soon we will need to care

But that day isn't today
We still have time to be free
My deepest fear is that we
Will be too anxious to see

Bahh bahh badahabahhabhabahhh
Track Name: Moonlight on the Wing
Moonlight on the wing
As Phoenix fell below
I felt the ache of trust hit hard
as I left you to travel alone

In that fleeting moment
With the idea of us in view
I saw my life can't revolve around
But it must involve you

Strangers on my left
The night sky on my right
You fill my mind's potential
Though you're nowhere in my sight

The city sparkle has faded
Far below the clouds
Two weeks of Seattle
Two days 'till Indiana
We've done it before
But Lord, I dread it now
Track Name: Break of Dawn
Come the rising sun and the break of dawn
I’ll be gone

While one tries to break me out of my shell
The other tries to keep me inside
They ran off together and left me behind
Broken-hearted and hung out to dry

I thought I’d laid claim
I thought it was understood
I truly felt like she stole
But that’s what I get for assuming my desires
Would get in between her and her goal

But it wasn’t my fault I never got a fair chance
How could I be to blame?
Everyone I talk to agrees I’m the victim
And I can’t help but feel the same

And they thought I ignored
But I couldn’t make myself look
It just hurts to see them so in love
Lord, I know that this jealousy is not of you
So please help me shed what’s not from above

Far enough away to gather myself
But not so far that I’m overwhelmed
I need a change of pace
Not a whole new race
A new life is outside my realm

If I had any confidence left
I would use it for evil
So it’s probably a blessing I don’t
It’s just so incredibly hard
To make a fresh start
And I can’t look back so I won’t

Lessons learned and the seasons have turned
Here I am with a new home
Though the tale I tell
Sounds like a personal hell
It’s showed me that I’m born to roam
Track Name: Dear Wormwood
We all have been
and that can't be undone
It's concrete and defined
whether we've lost or won
It's over, it's happened
made us who we are
Whether we like it or not
we all have been scarred

We are in the moment
We're living it out
With the freedom to choose
in the here and now
Presently connected
to what eternity is
We're coming to learn
exactly what reality is

Tomorrow's not here
it's where they block out
All realistic thoughts
all the flickers of doubt
Optimistic it seems
but it's also how they tempt
us to believing tomorrow will be
different than how today was dreampt